11/16 Reading Responses

Afghanistan’s Amazing DIY Internet

FabFi seems like such an innovative project. Wanting to create Internet networks for eastern Afghanistan using trash seems unfathomable.  To think that something that we disregard can turn into something useful is really going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to resourcefulness. Although it is low-tech and simple, the fact that it works is already a great achievement. I wish I could see their scalable model in action. I love that their networks operate independently of government control and can be deployed by anyone anywhere. It seems like such a difficult thing to do something of this scale without the government intruding. This project can really change lives and revolutionize the way we operate the Internet.

US Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

What the Obama administration is doing by leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems seems like something out of a spy movie.  At first I thought that this was such a waste of money just to plant all these secret devices in various locations. But if it is to help with communication, free of government control then it really is not such a bad thing.  If the plan is truly to help them with creating independent networks then I am all for it, but if it is another means to keep tabs on other countries then I am not so sure of such actions.  It could turn sour in the sense that this could turn into some underhanded method of intruding on another country’s privacy as means of spying on them. If it results in such, then it is just another thing fueling the fire on our war on terrorism and another reason for retaliation.

Iran Protests, Tech Tools at Work

Iran restricting the movements of foreign journalists is understandable, but a difficult thing to do considering the numerous outlets for drawing publicity. If any Iranian citizen carrying a cell phone or camera can become an instant journalist, then how is Iran suppose to control foreign media? There is twitter, facebook, DDOS, proxies, youtube, flickr, and so many more outlets. How can anyone control all of them let alone keep track of them all? It can be blocked or taken down from one place and put up in another and spread just as quickly. It is like a virus that spreads from carrier to carrier. I know that I am always weary to post something anywhere because once it is out there in cyberspace, then there is really no way to take it back. I know of celebrities or even government officials that have posted things such as pictures or just a word that is now coming back to haunt them.  There is no reverse button that I am sure each of us would like to press at least once. The worst thing is even when you try to delete something, realizing your careless actions, it was already too late by the time you pressed enter and now at least one other person or entity has a copy of it, free to pass it on to the interconnecting world.