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Iraq’s “Rapid Reaction Media Team” redacted PowerPoint

I wanted to put up a response to Brian’s post below, about how the nature of state sponsored communication programs differ from more grass roots community efforts (e.g. FabFi). This redacted PowerPoint deck from Jan 2003 describes the US Government Information Operations plan for Iraq: basically vet american media contractors the US Gov feels it can work with, have them “hand pick” and “train” a group of Iraqi journalists and broadcasters to constitute a new “model of free media in the Arab World,” produce two months of US Gov approved programming, and (no kidding), “provide Iraqi’s hope for their future.” Though I have clearly changed the context in my post, quoted material is taken from the doc.

IP Censorship Bill

This is very troubling…already passed in Senate.

“So the E-Parasites (aka the Protect-IP Act) is a censorship bill designed to allow the government to censor websites at the behest of the entertainment industry.”

Visit OpenCongress for more info. The video above was created by Kirby Ferguson, creator of the Everything Is A Remix series.

New NYCGA site testing

From the Arts & Culture google group Monday on new NYCGA site testing and functionality:

… please head over to the temporary location to take
the new NYCGA site out for a spin here.

*Site Overview

The new site is essentially our own social network, designed for OWS and
built on WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. Because of OWS’ focus on group
work and collaboration, the focus of the site will be on groups and group

For now, this site is just for the Wall Street occupation. A possible
scenario is that once the site is developed further, it will be made
available to other occupations across the country/world to help them stay
organized. The Internet group will provide updates to this plan in the

** Please note that some functionality may not work as intended since the
site is so new (it’s just a widdle baby!). The Internet group told us at the
training that the search function is not working 100% yet, and that the
Events calendar feature is still being worked on. You can also submit bugs
and comments here.

*What Can I Do With This Site?*

  • Create your personal profile
  • Join groups and participate in group discussions
  • Update your status (similar to Facebook) for everyone across OWS to see
    (can be text, photo, video, and/or links)
  • Get quick updates on OWS news (the Bulletin Board tab in the horizontal
  • Post/view meeting minutes and other documents
  • View helpful resources via the ‘Resources’ tab (map of the park, FAQ, GA
    Guide, Legal Fact Sheet, and Web Site Help)
  • Groups can create customized on-site sub domains to host blogs (for
  • **We should decide in a meeting whether/how to use this feature.

A few interesting OWS related articles this week

A few interesting OWS related articles this week

** Please add to this! **

  1. ** Nice YouTube video on direct democracy, consensus process and hand signals at GA: here. Good to check out before you go to a GA. One of the best I have seen on t his, please note that people interviewed are articulate, in contrast to many of the major news media interviews. Please check out around 4:40, where a south asian woman discusses how she put up a block during the discussion of the Declaration of the Occupation, which was eventually successfully resolved. Don’t know, but sounds like the women who wrote the Brown Power post.
  2. Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas goes toe to toe w/police at OWS (marine wins), here on YouTube.
  3. Meet the Newest Faces on Wall St, NYT photo essay
  4. Michael Kimmelman’s Wall St. Protest Shows Power of Place on the importance of physical location, occupation, and decision making structures oat OWS
  5. I’m Getting Arrested Android app
  6. Paul Krugman on Occupy Wall Street: more here and here

Brian Holmes tonight, Sat 10.8 @ OWS, tomorrow Sun 10.9 @ 16 Beaver

Brian Holmes will be speaking tonight, Saturday, at OWS at 6:00, subject “The End of the Financial Mind and the Transformation of Global Class Structure.” Brian is an excellent writer and speaker, very highly recommended. I can’t make it tonight, but if someone goes, please post a reaction to the class blog.

He will speak again tomorrow night, Sunday at 8:00 pm, at 16 Beaver, an artist / activist / discussion group that meets at 16 Beaver St., 4th floor. Background on the talk here.

These types of discussions are important to have a background on the current economic melt down, as it relates to past economic events, and the effects they had on shaping culture as a whole. I will try to make it to this one.