Gabriella Coleman

The various topics Gabriella Coleman covered in terms of anonymous were really interesting. I know I had to Google 4chan and the incident with HBGary Federal. I have never posted or have been on 4chan before and it really does seem like an interesting site. The concept of how it starts off of one image and then the post taking life is a nice way to start a discussion. The fact that they do not have an archive seems unfathomable. It makes me curious as to where these posts go after they disappear. I doubt that they can truly disappear in its entirety.

The incident that anonymous created with HBGary Federal is insane. How is it that I have never heard this story? Being able to hack into what was once deemed a secure network to leak all this information is so dangerous given the repercussions of the incident. I suppose the fact that it is done anonymously only adds to the fire and intrigue of all these careless actions. The fact that that anonymous were referred to as the internet hate machine and they call themselves those that laugh at the face of tragedy amongst others is somewhat disheartening. Is it only making more trouble every time we give anonymous more power and the ability to grow and spread?

I am not a fan of trolling, which seems to happen a lot and really cannot be controlled. Do people have nothing better to do with their time then to troll people and their sites and posts?  I realize that at times the trolling is done for the “lulz” such as with the Tom Cruise Scientology video, but can also result in the bad like when Coleman was defining the term as being coy and mischievous.  It is never a fun thing when you are on the receiving end of all this negativity as a result of the trolling even if it seems fun to be the one trolling.