Hi, this is Katie Maguire. I’m sort of attempting to create this big paper style post which I would describe as my contemplation of the readings that we have have had during the semester. Admittedly, I’ve been really terrible about blogging consistently, and seemingly MIA, but I have been following the readings.  I’m just really bad at blogging, unless I can easily reblog something on tumblr (the lazy girl’s excuse).  I am so sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience in waiting for my last minute discussions of the readings and the meanings I have taken from them.

Every student should have the opportunity to take a class like this because we have to educate each other on how to appropriately and intelligently communicate our dissent with the new technologies that exist in our lives. (My parents were really happy to know that I was taking this class because they want me to become more knowledgeable about my rights as a creative person who will express my work to a large audience, most often digitally.) I also wanted to say that one of the most important things I have learned from this class, is it’s ok to have opinions, but its not ok to make assumptions. You have to do your research. Overall, also before I begin my posts,  I have to say what an awesome time is has been studying  “freedom of speech’ in the social arena (both online and in real life) this semester. Excellent timing, I’d say! (I’m posting these in snippets tonight until 10p. )