Reading Respons : 11.16

Afghanistan’s Amazing DIY Internet
This reading was really interesting and the FabFi itself looks like a really hands-on project. Being a citizen of developed country, I never thought about building a system out of recycled items. In a way, it’s much efficient and environment friendly. This also made me think about how designers /technicians  sometimes design products that won’t be able to be sustainable and recycled. FabFi projects sort of takes the idea other way around. A product/system that made by recycled items may not be sustainable, but it definitely inspired us to consider more about such issue.


US Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors
Comapre to FabFi project, I think the idea itself not only waste the money but also very inefficient. Even though the idea is to help independents to develop a better environment to be able to communicate, I think there’s a better way to execute the problem. Sometimes I feel there’s such a big contrast between developed country and non-developed country and that you need so much money to get everything done while another is other way around. 

Iran Protests, Tech Tools at Work
The reading really emphasized how social network effect directly to our society, not only nationally but also globally.  And I think it really become a problem for Iran to control these media platform and limit their influences.  It’s almost impossible to control social network, especially one like facebook and twitters who have billions users.  The most terrible thing about social network is that you can’t estimate  the results once you post something because you don’t know who’s out there and reading your post.