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I have to admit, I haven’t really kept up with what has been going on with Occupy after the Zucotti removal, besides what has happened at the Occupy NS locations and at UC Davis. The Shocking Truth article was very helpful in synthesizing the hierarchy of control as imposed by the puppet masters. Of course there must be a large (powerful) network, run by fear, that is calling the shots and acting with such brute force simultaneously across the country.

Pasha had posted this image on facebook, and it just speaks volumes about our country. The last time I saw an image like this were about the Syrian protests and brutality; the only Time cover that didn’t have this was the US one.

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned that the Occupy movement reminded me of the National Mall in DC during the inauguration. The second article had mentioned that we should expect some big uprisings in the spring related directly to the upcoming election, which I’m personally very excited for. I hope that this movement evokes changes within our political system.

And I actually want to state my piece a little bit on what I observed from the New School occupation. Granted, I wasn’t  a part of it, so it’s not my place to critique the mission statement behind this group, but holy cow was this the first time I was embarrassed to be a supporter of this movement. Yes, I understand this is private property, and that private institutions are responsible for a lot of fucked up greed, but what was the point of this? It was a lot of damage. And who had to clean this up? Not the 1%, but janitors and security guards, and probably us and future students with however much our tuition increases because of this. Unless someone has another way to justify this, I am definitely not a fan.

It also opens up a new host of “Lord of the Flies”-esque (Or “The Others” from LOST, or what happened with Shane in last weeks The Walking Dead) questions with movements like this. How do you proceed when a sub-sect of the community decides to go rogue?

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  1. Revolution is a messy business. It would be wrong to concentrate all critique on petty vandalism.

    Why did vandalism reach such ridiculous heights? Well, to put it simply the administration fucked the occupation over. That made a lot of people who already had little to lose even more hopeless. None of the conditions for leaving the study center were met, like keeping it open 24/7 for students. Also, the gallery space was officially ours only until the end of December with ZERO guarantees from the administration that we can keep it after, which basically meant they just want us to get out and never disturb the mundane again with our heresy of daring to suggest that universities should be run directly by students, faculty and staff.

    On the question of who’s doing the cleanup. The staff at the building were actually quite supportive. They, no doubt, could see past the graffiti. They participated at the occupation GA on several occasions. There was a huge amount of solidarity built with their union (SEIU), NS wants to screw them out of their health care and decrease wages. In fact their is a joint rally with students and workers bargaining for a better contract today.

    In the end the biggest vandal is the NS board of trustees. They were the ones who tore down a perfectly good building on 5th ave thus depriving us of study space, library and classroom space in order to dump tens of millions of dollars down a whole. THAT jacked up our tuition more than any silly graffiti. To add insult to injury our class will never get to use the completed building.

    Whatever you think of this, I don’t see a reason of being embarrassed of the occupy movement. No one group or individual can claim to represent it. It’s strength is in it’s openness to diversity of tactics and beliefs. Unity and liberty is a multitude of voices and opinions, not a narrow party line which is limiting in a long run.

    This wasn’t the 1st occupation at NS and I can guarantee it won’t be the last.

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