Reading Response – “Making Cutting Edge Animation on a DIY Homestead”

For me, the most interesting thing is that there is a strong contrast on what they are doing. They are making a very technology-based, virtual, digital animation. At the same time they are creating a unique community that allow themselves get more chance to explore to the nature. I quite interested in the idea entertainment and education medium, it is a promising technology that is under developing. We already realize it through telephone apps. For example, when we go to MOMA, we can download the museum  app, and get a lot of information of the art piece we are looking at. It is a good media to allow people to interact with the object and environment.

I do not think that commitment to sustainable ecology can successfully intersect with commercial industry and market economies in a short time. Commercial industry and market economies are quite profit-driven, sustainable ecology need advanced technology support which will gain much more cost. Just like we all know that plastic is harmful to the environment, but markets can not stop manufacture plastic bottle and costumers can not stop buy plastic bottle beverage.

Encyclopedia Pictura is extended to 18 people, do you think is it easy for them to get more people involved or not? I would think about the social meaning of the sustainable village, do you think the project really can be sustainable or not? How can people benefit from it? It can only benefit a small group of people or it can affect a large area.

I also want to introduce some fashion designers, they collaborate with different people from background , combined fashion together with technology.
They are Hussein Chalayan, iris van herpen, and issey miyake.

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  1. Completely agree with you that it is amazing how Saxon has been able to force-fit two lifestyles in something that seems to work for them. It’s an idea that wouldn’t even cross the minds of most people in their profession, yet the founders of Trout Gulch have found 15 other people that share their vision in the Bay Area alone. I’m sure the community has potential to grow into a Trout Gulch town, and the community would probably benefit immensely from creativity and skills newcomers would supply (like the Asset Mapping game we did in class like week). Maybe the people of Trout Gulch are very much ahead of their time, I really like the idea of a city in which nature and technology are very much integrated with each other.

    1. I really like your opinion, I also think go to enjoy nature, combine technology with nature is meaningful. But sometimes I would think it is very hard to develop the case like Trout Gulch or other cases of DIY Homestead into large scale. If more people live in the village, they have to think about how to make money for supporting the life in the village. They need more solar panel to support the basic need of power, the cost keep gain. A large amount people gathering together will cause other problems just pollution, conflict of opinion between peoples and etc.

  2. This case somehow makes me think of Mount Zion’s case in Taiwan.
    People who live in Mount Zion believe in New Testament Church (Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade), they earn their livings by planting their own food, sometimes sell those agricultural products to earn some money. They have their own policy and educational system, so people there don’t accept regular education, also they seldom connect with people outside, like building a small religious country inside a country. (I think it’s close to Amish people?) Though they are seemed isolated, they still use the medical system in the country. However, that’s why those Zion people had many political conflicts with the government in history, cause they’re a group that under a bigger structural group. Especially when this group is government, the political involvement would make the situation more tricky.

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