Final Project Proposal

Here is my proposal for the final project.

“World to Come”, an interactive transmedia project


Each year, natural disasters threaten the strength and stability of communities worldwide. Yet responses to the challenges of recovery vary greatly and in ways that aren’t necessarily tied to the magnitude of the catastrophe or the amount of aid provided by governments. Thus, the road to resilience lies in the capacity of a community’s social capital, or norms and networks that people can draw upon to solve common problems. I propose that creativity can increase a community’s social capital and thus lead to greater resiliency.

Through an online virtual environment (which will act as a hub and meeting place for ideas) and a design-led workshop, participants will work in groups to imagine the future of a fictionalized community that has endured the effects of climate change 50 years from now. Through the process of narrative filmmaking, workshop participants will create a script based on research that will be made into a short video addressing potential solutions for post-disaster communities. The goal of this project is to utilize the creative process of speculative storytelling  as a way of exploring design solutions to projected scenarios of the future.

In this project, the collective power of a group of individuals creates the world of tomorrow.


In transmedia, a story is narrated among different media channels and platforms. There are two components to this project: a one-day workshop and an online tool. The website will need to be created before the workshop is to take place, however, the workshop creates the content for the website.

Workshop participants are invited to imagine the future by telling a story set 50 years from now of a community effected by climate change. The workshop will be created based on design thinking, and constructed of brainstorming and research in the first half of the day, and concept refining and story writing the second half of the day. The material created during the workshop will then be used to create short animated film clips depicting the story of the world to come. Every person who participates actively aids in the construction of the narrative world.

The website will tell the stories created during the workshop. The main page of the site will be a simple urban landscape, in which various clips of the film will be located in a non-linear way. The same style of animation will be used for all the stories so that aesthetically the film is cohesive. In different iterations of the workshop, groups can view the existing clips and build off their ideas, or address a new topic completely.


One-Millionth Tower

Land of Opportunity

Theater of the Oppressed

The Exquisite Forest

Johnny Cash Project

Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown


Collaborators/ Co-Designers

Anze Zadel, Student at the New School for Design –Workshop Co-Designer + Workshop Facilitator

Natsuki Hayashi, Student at the New School for Design  – Workshop Co-Designer + Workshop Facilitator

Stephanie Farah, Student at the New School for Design – Workshop Co-Designer + Web Designer +Project Coordinator



– Proof of concept for online tool – Homepage that tells intro to the story + interactive building to explore different stories

-Participatory Workshop toolkit – Stories of different residents in Building 23/ Narration + Storyboard (maybe prop/ prototype building)



Oct 24: Prototyping Plan/ Proposal Due

Oct 31st: Workshop planning/ Web Designing

Nov 7: Workshop planning/ Web Designing

Nov 14: prototype 1 due : first detailed draft of structure of workshop

Nov 21: Workshop planning/ Web Designing: play test workshop

Nov 26 (thanksgiving wk, meet Tue): prototype 2 due: second draft of structure of workshop based on feedback + paper prototype for webpage

Dec 5: Workshop planning/ Web Designing

Dec 12th: Final Presentations- refined paper prototype for webpage + completed workshop toolkit



Occupy Sandy

Youth Made Media

I.Club, Tokyo University

Red Hook Initiative

Falconworks Theater Group

Aoyama University, Tokyo, Japan

Urban Festival 2013

Jilly Traganou, Professor at the New School for Design

Occupy Sandy Storyline

Red Hook Fest

Red Cross


Mathan Ratinam, Professor at the New School for Design


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