Final project group schedule


Peter Chang, Carol Shen, Sisi Liu


Our idea for final project is to make the platform for students in Parsons to collaborate. The platform will be web base which enables every student to post needs of partners online and receive responses in return. The physical installation aims for the interaction between people in a real space in order to enhance active possibilities for people to react to such needs.


Carol in charge of planning and contact group member

Sisi in charge of research and documentation

Peter in charge of design

Roles Details:

Research: Sisi

Concept Building: Carol/ Peter/ Sisi

Sketches: Carol/ Peter

Wireframes:Carol/ Peter/ Sisi

Design:Carol/ Peter

User Testing:Carol/ Peter/ Sisi

Advertising: Sisi


Presentation:Carol/ Peter/ Sisi


10 AM and 7 PM every Thursday, 5pm every Sunday

Before class and After class


Documentation of prototypes in appropriate media


Oct 31: Research, Interviews and questionnaire, Idea Sketches

Nov 7:  Wireframes and User Flow

Nov 14: Prototype 1 Due (Wireframe with clear objective and flow)

Nov 21: Design process, User testing

Nov 26: Prototype 2 Due (Refine Design)

Dec 5: Prototype 3/  Documentation and Evaluation

Dec 12: Final Presentation

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