Project breakdown update

“A World to Come” Project Breakdown

Core team members: (meet once a week)

Anze Zadel (MFA student, Design and Urban Ecologies), Workshop content strategist and researcher

Natsuki Hayashi (BFA Interdisciplinary Design), Workshop facilitator and designer

Stephanie Farah (MFA student, Design and Technology), Project Manager and web designer


Collaboration Practice: Collaborative informal group / partnership that is governed by consensus decision making


Shared Tasks:

•  Database creation– group compiles research in a shared google doc to be used as reference for workshop participants / research topics include: sea level rising, climate change, water toxicity, urban flooding, government/military, island resiliency etc.


• Develop milestones (identifying a set of early and intermediate accomplishments)


• Mapping an implementation strategy and measured outcomes


• Forward/Backward Planning


• Planning for Incidentals


• Accountability (staying on track)



Individual Tasks:


Workshop schedule – Natsuki

Workshop branding  – Natsuki

Workshop content manager – Anze

Workshop site identification and planning – Anze

Workshop participants contact – Anze

Letter to community board template/examples – Anze

Workshop materials and resources management – Natsuki


Online tool

Narrative creation – Stephanie

Wireframe / Prototype / Proof of concept – Stephanie

Design and Programming  – Stephanie




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