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Hi everyone!

I’m Caroline Woolard. I would like to share the following skills, tools, spaces, and materials: I have access to Materials for the Arts and can bring you bolts of fabric; I have lived in NYC for 11 years and can introduce you to a wide range of artists, organizers, and sustainable business entrepreneurs; I have a studio in the Queens Museum that you can use for a short term event; and I can show you how to do basic carpentry.

Here are 18 groups I’m in. I’ve ordered these groups based on my sense of agency within them, the top being the group that I identify with MOST (we have group agreements and norms), the last being the group that I identify with LEAST.

1. Member of a Cooperative House: I just joined a house that has been structured cooperatively for the past 17 years (7 people sharing cooking/ shopping/ gardening/ cleaning duties together to run a Brownstone as a kind of “urban family” in Fort Greene). Before this year, I co-managed an 8,000 square foot live/work space for 40 artists from 2008-2013, but it was run without formal collective agreements.

2. Member of a Cooperative Store: I’m a member-owner of the Park Slope Food Coop, I work and shop there like every other member.

3. Member of a Closed Collective: I’m a co-founder and co-organizer of a collectively-run, barter-based learning platform (

4. Member of a Open Collective: I’m a participant in a group of 20+ teachers who meet to discuss and practice classroom activities together.

5. Member of an Organization:  I’m a co-founder and co-organizer of a resource-sharing network for artists (

6. Member of an Informal Group: my mom, brother, and I try to make decisions together, but often my mom acts as the benevolent dictator.

7. Member of an Informal Group: I’m one of 8 artists participating in the Queens Museum Studio Program, but we cannot make the rules together.

8. Member of a Closed Collective: I was the media coordinator for from 2010-2012, but I don’t have time for more than 4 groups right now!

9. Employee of an Organization: I’m a teacher/lecturer at the New School, but my participation in the New School as an informal group is low. I work to build and participate in community in specific classroom(s) rather than participating or building community with other faculty and staff at the New School at large.

10. Member of the Adjunct Professor’s Union: I benefit from the Union based on salary standards and benefits, but I do not attend Union meetings so I am not actively participating in making decisions about pay and benefits. I’m inactive member.

11. Member of an Informal Group: I often play soccer with a MeetUp group, but I am not an organizer and am not sure how I would get more involved.

12. Member of a Closed Group: I’m an inactive member of my community garden. I am not a primary organizer, but I do pay $20 to get a key. This makes it possible for me to put my household’s compost there, and to get a small plot of land to grow personal vegetables, as long as I agree to help twice a year to fix up the garden, keep it open to the public, and to maintain it.

13. Member of a Credit Union: I’m an inactive member of the Brooklyn Cooperative Credit Union. I do not go to meetings to vote on the credit union’s banking practices, but I could.

14. Citizen of the United States: I was born a U.S. citizen, and I’m not incarcerated, on parole or on probation, so I have the right to vote! I vote in District 34, where I used to live:

15. Member of Planet Earth: I am one of 7,100,800,000 people (and counting) living beside about 8,700,000 non-human species on planet earth. Is this a group? Let’s debate this!

16. User of FaceBook: I am one of over a billion people using FaceBook, but I cannot modify the rules or agreements of FB.

17. User of gMail: I am one of over 350 million people using gMail, but I cannot modify the rules or agreements of gMail.

18. User of the Internet: I am one of 2 billion people with access to the internet, but I have not educated myself about possible ways to modify the rules and agreements surrounding internet use.



Hi all: My name is Melanie Crean. I am an artist, teacher and New Yorker. I would like to share the following skills, tools, spaces, and materials: I know a fair amount about the history of experimental media, have lots of references, and am happy to share and swap. I also have had to write a fair amount of grants and short articles, so am happy to be a second reader for anyone who needs it. I used to do CG animation and edit video professionally, and supposedly have a good sense of timing, if that helps. Here are some groups I am a part of:

1. Member of the MFADT faculty: the department is lead by a rotating faculty member, but all faculty have a say in how the department and curriculum function.

2. Member of an experimental teaching group: who meets regularly to discuss approaches to education. The group is run by principals of direct democracy (agenda, facilitation, stack etc)

3. Member of a consortium of TNS faculty and non profit curators ( who are experimenting on addressing issues of urban spatial injustice by co-designing exhibitions in empty buildings with local community members. We are group of smaller subgroups, who each have autonomy over individual areas of work.

4. Member of a consortium of TNS faculty, non profit activists ( and survivors of human trafficking experimenting with telling stories concerning this issue, using experimental narrative forms such as LARPs (Live Action Role Playing Games)

5. Member of a group of Parsons faculty (CUE) who are redesigning the Parsons Undergraduate Curriculum. We have a director, but in general we are a group of subgroups who each have autonomy over individual subject areas.

6. I am a member of the DT community, which, in physical space, circulates centrally in the D12 lab, which posts events on the MFADT FB page, and discusses issues with students, faculty and alumni on the Us list serv. The list serv has a single moderator, though there is wide discussion on how to manage the list.

7. I am a member of the Wyckoff St. Block association: we are a haphazard bunch, mainly dedicated to having big barbecues (with a live reggae band!) twice a year, shoveling each others side walks, and generally making sure everyone else on the block is OK.


profilepicMy name is Mirte (pronounced ‘Meer’-‘te’), I’m originally from Haarlem in the Netherlands. Here at MFADT I’ve become very interested in this idea of ‘Repair Cafes’ and ‘Fixing Collectives’, both of which I’ve been apart of (though still debating if I can call myself an official member of either). That is probably most useful skill/experience I can offer our little community: I repair all kinds of devices, but am most experienced with iPhones (cracked screens, dead batteries, lost buttons and whatnot). Three groups I am a part of:

1. Citizen of the Netherlands
One of 16.77 million.

2. Fulbright Alumni community
Access to knowledge and opinions from all around the world!

3. A number (too big of a number maybe even) Facebook groups
From old Highschool and Undergrad initiatives, Fulbright events, MFADT Bootcamp families to Thesis Studio madness.


015squareMy name is Brenden Ying, and I come from Edina, MN. I am a BAFA student at Parsons for communication design and Lang for culture & media and thinking about possibly minor in psychology, so I love to think about cognition and behavior, particularly in social circumstances or in regards to multimedia. Some things I love include: juggling, the creative art and physical sport of making complicated patterns by throwing props; music, particularly theory and composition, but I also play piano and cello; and of course, visual art—I am very excited to learn more video and animation technology this semester. Here are some groups that I am in:

1. My family: my nuclear family is made up of my mom, dad, and older brother, but I have extended family all over the world as well.

2. The International Jugglers’ Association: an organization of jugglers that holds an annual convention, for which you have to be a member to attend. On a more informal level, I am part of the worldwide community of jugglers, and I definitely see the same people a lot at local clubs or other festivals that I go to.

3. Student at The New School: I get to learn in classrooms and also participate in extracurricular groups and activities associated with the university.

4. Second-generation immigrant: my mom is from Malaysia and my dad is from Hong Kong, but I was born in my hometown.

5. Social networks: I am a frequent user of Facebook and Gmail, and I have recently joined Tumblr and Twitter for class purposes.




Hey, I’m Justin Charles. I’m from Orange, New Jersey. Prior to grad school I was a writer, photographer, online community manager, and web designer. Here at Parson I’ve worked on the DT student council, and the skillsharing student organization Dorkshop. I’ve been amazed by the collective ability of the people in DT and how we come together to make interesting things. Some skills: I can write and edit papers and articles, make websites, and take pictures. I know my way around a kitchen. I make the greatest guacamole of all time. I like to be helpful where I can.

I’m a part of:

1. A nuclear family of basically just me and my mom. She’s amazing. My larger family is full of wonderful loud people.
2. The MFA Design & Technology program. We’re a special group. We’re physically here in D12 and we’re digitally all over the place, but often the listserv.
3. Dorkshop, a student org run mostly by DT students that holds workshops to share skills with each other and the public.
4. I’m a member of a group of friends that’s rather tight-knit.
5. I’m a member of a support group of a large number that helps each other deal with a particular problem we all share.

I’m probably overlooking a lot of groups but those are the ones that pop out.



Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Joely (pronounced jo-EH-lee) Saravia. I am a student, designer, and would like to think of myself as a philanthropist as well. I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in Washington Heights in Manhattan. I’m very new to Parsons, or at least I still feel that way because I was only here for one year prior to studying abroad. I transferred here after graduating from PrattMWP, which was a tiny school of 120 students in Utica, NY. Some skills I have are speaking Spanish, and currently learning Italian for over 3 years, baking delicious sweets, and DIYing anything I can get my hands on.
Groups I am a part of:

  • My Family: I have a small family of four which includes myself, my older brother, younger sister, and my superwoman mom.
  • LGBTQ: A group of individuals that support, provide safety for, and empower each other.
  • RAPP: Relationship Abuse Prevention Program. This group helps young men and women with counseling and gives them a space to hang out free of judgement.
  • BFA Communications Design at Parsons.
  • ISA: International Studies Abroad group.
  • A member of the Latino community as well as the female latina artist community.
  • Facebook….I guess that counts.
  • Also a user of gMail. Love it.



I’m Auriel Rickard. I have been breathing in the air here in New York for just over two years now, but i am originally from Honolulu, HI. My background is in photography but I work with all audio/visual mediums. I can share the following skills, tools, spaces, and materials: I know how to use nearly all adobe programs, they are my main tools when it comes to digital media. Yet I use many analog systems such as film photography and video. I also have worked in and around instillations so I can help build/construct things from sets to screens and more. I consider myself an overall creative, more of a director. While I may not be the best at any one given creative talent, I take pride in the fact that I know how many of these systems work and know what works and what doesn’t. I am also a skateboarder.

Here are some groups that I am a part of:

1. Media assistant for Ice Cold NY: this clothing company is small in staff, so while there are set roles, many of them overlap; from production to sales and media.

2. I am a student at Parsons the New School for Design: as a university there is a clear hierarchy from students to workers to professors and administrators. Every role takes part of the learning experience but the professors and administrators make all the decisions of how the university works.

3. BoyBQ: I am the host and member of a group of friends that meet every monday night after a skate session to BBQ and catch up with each other. Responsibilities are split up completely evenly when it comes to purchasing food and drink. Other responsibilities such as control of the music and entertainment and dessert vary on an irregular basis, but no one in the group ever seems to have a problem with the outcomes of these decisions.

4. Cargo Collective: I am a member of this online portfolio website which is basically set up like a social network. All members contribute content to their individual portfolios, but all benefit from this. the only other responsibilities are determined by a small group of people who code, update, and run the site.

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