Field Dreams and Other Rule Based Systems was a video program curated by Melanie Crean for the 2005 dumbo video festival that included the following pieces:


light Readings: Performance Mix – Stephen Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch this video is the result of a live performance at Eyebeam, NYC celebrating the opening of the exhibition What Sound Does a Color Make. The audio is sourced from a small photocelldevice, which translates light frequencies into sound.


Side Angle Side – Maureen McMurrays side Angle Side explores the boundaries of image and sound, using a single shape, sphere,and a single instrument, guitar.


ZeroGravity – Julio Soto zeroGravity is a video installation of synthetic fluids that feel real yet disturbingly unnatural. Inside a zero gravity space, abstract organs pulsate to the beat of a hypnotic-repetitive sound track in a kind of literally visceral, abstract sexuality that develops into an unexpected paroxysm.


London Heathrow – Ursula Scherrer and Michael J. Schumacher this painterly video combines images shot at Heathrow airport with subtle sonic elements. The frenetic public space of the airport is transformed into a serene, constantly shifting abstract portrait of site-specific color and light.


Architect – Theodore Watson architect is a self sustaining audio visual system. The project questions the value of human interaction by creating a system that can both create and appreciate its own creativity without the need for human presence. It generates new sounds that are derived from the sound of the room it is in.


from Brown to Green – Scott Pagano Spatial unfolding and shifting graphic space accompany a track from Twerk’s “living vicariously through burnt bread”. dense abstract fields, rhythmic architectural lines, and precision cut photography expand upon and illustrate the subtle and refined soundscape.


Mregh-u-linea – Christopher Musgrave Linea is a generative audio visual software instrument, inspired by nature. Pairs of oscillating points describe lines of varying thickness and percussive audio events simultaneously, ephemerally. This software synthesizer generates an abstract digital film ad-infinitum with immediacy. Mregh-u-linea is a recorded, edited version of this activity.


Energy Fields - Ara Peterson Capacitors, coils, antennas, and organ pipes produce a gain or enhanced response to external stimulus which is dependant on geometry. We may generalize the enhanced response of these devices as “Geometric Energy Fields”which are spacial phenomena associated with our modern concept of the aether.


Feld – Granular Synthesis Feld is an abstract audiovisual installation of GS that began the artists “landscape” series. Reflecting on the syn-aesthetic relationbetween an abstract sonic and visual matter to create introspective environments, Feld is a future where artificial and digital haseclipsed the real constituting a new nature.


Untitled For Televisions – Scott Arford The goal of this video – with its simple, almost dumb, geometric animations and direct picture-to-sound audio track – is to reduce the audio/video system to its absolute basic and most rudimentary form: an emitter of light and sound.

Susquehanna + Meteorology – LoVid In Meteorology and Susquehanna, LoVid embraces abstraction while retaining references to nature. Image and sound are created as one entity, since image is audible and sound is visible. Ultimately blurring those distinctions LoVid ‘s videos offer the viewer a glimpse of the inner workings of overloaded video technology.