LIVING CULTURE featured work produced by Eyebeam’s 2003 Production Fellows, as well as commissioned projects, on which the fellows assisted, by Isaac Julien and Fred Wilson. The Production Studio was structured as an atelier, offering access to commercial production technology and services for more established artists, while providing mentoring and experimentation opportunities for younger artists. The 2003 fellows worked with Julien to create special effects for his Baltimore project and with Wilson to composite and edit September Dream, a component of his work for the United States Pavilion at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

Gair Dunlop:Century 21 Calling The program includes an excerpt of Century 21 Calling, originally comprised of archival footage, news media stories and biographical material of the scientist Maurice Wilkins. The piece centers on a Bell Laboratories promotional film shot at the 1962 Seattle World Fair brimming over with the confident and optimistic attitude prevalent at the time of what science could offer to the modern world.

Adam Zaretsky : Pfarm – pFARM is not a cult. pFARM is a Biotech Fetish Organic Farm, a boundary-pushing micro-society, a Power Farm, crossing the wires of multiple contentious debates in an actuated rural and grassroots public space. The pFARM Project is another of this world’s botched planned communities waiting to happen.

Bradley Eros:The Rite of the Black Sun RITE manifests three parallel approaches: abstraction, materiality and metaphor. The concept of ‘form and content at one and the same time’, a notion, here demonstrates pure optical phenomena. The elasticity of materials, and the volatility of matter & chemical change come into play with manipulated plastics burning in the gate.

Paul Vanouse:Relative Velocity Inscription Device (RVID) The Relative Velocity Inscription Device (RVID) is a live scientific experiment using the DNA of a multi-racial family of Jamaican descent. The excerpt included in the program is documentation of the experiment, originally staged as an interactive, multi-media installation that utilized computer-regulated separation gel, through which the four family members’ DNA samples slowly traveled.

Lorenzo Oggiano:Quasi Objects/Cinematic n.05 The Quasi-Objects Cycle, a work in progress since 2003, is composed of both photographic and computer graphic elements. While the film clearly alludes to natural forms, the fact that they are fictional, derived through the collection of data and not biologically functional, raises questions about the real and the fabricated in life and biology.

Adam Zaretsky:PCB-HB CH XI Barbara Groves and Adam Zaretsky cryogenically preserved Placental Cord Blood from their new baby at home for under $300.00. The point of PCB-HB is to demystify PCB Blood Banking, create debate about the public versus private banking of PCB Stem Cells and to see if a cheap homebrew version of a cryo-bank is feasible.

C.E.B. Reas : MicroImages MicroImage originated with the book Vehicles, Experiments in Synthetic Psychology by the neuro-anatomist Valentino Braitenberg who, studying the nervous systems of animals, distilled general comparisons of certain characteristics within animal brains to computer machinery. The relationships between the sensors and actuators determine the specific behavior for each machine.

The Tissue Culture & Art Project (Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr) in collaboration with Jens Hauser:The Remains of Disembodied Cuisine Disembodied Cuisine was originally a multimedia installation, documenting the installation and performance presented at L’Art Biotech (F, 2003) in which the artists grew skeletal muscle over biopolymer to create semi-living frog steaks for eventual food consumption in a Nouvelle Cuisine style dinner.

Gina Czarnecki:Nascent Nascent is a visual and visceral study of the human form. Raw footage of improvised and choreographed performance by Australian Dance Theatre dancers is processed with customized special effects to create this award-winning film. The piece’s final hybrid form exists somewhere between visual art, experimental media and dance. The sound-score is by acclaimed Austrian musician Fennesz.