How to find out your apartment’s rent history

For those who inquired about how to request your rental history:

Email the NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal at or call them at 718 739-6400.

You need to give them your name and address including your apartment number. They will then mail or email you your rent history. Here is a suggested email:


I, <your name>, am currently renting <your address, APARTMENT NUMBER, borough, zipcode> and would like the rent history for the unit I am renting. Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

thank you,

– <your name>

Be forewarned: I just learned that if you file a complaint it may take up to TWO YEARS for it to get seen by DHCR. I spoke with an agent there on the phone today and they told me they are extremely back logged.

– Chris

Tactical Urbanism show at MoMA

Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities
November 22, 2014–May 10, 2015

Morro do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro, 2012.Morro do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro (2012) by Pedro Rivera.

This futuristic exhibition is based on the premise that in the next two decades the world’s population will reach an alarming eight billion people, of which two-thirds will live in cities, most of which will be underdeveloped and badly planned. In an attempt to circumvent the inevitable, MOMA brings together six teams of researchers and architects to develop fresh solutions for six of the world’s biggest metropolises: Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, Mumbai, New York, and Rio de Janeiro. The imaginative architectural possibilities address public space, housing, mobility, spatial justice, environmental conditions, and other major urban issues. The exhibition takes over the Museum’s third floor Architecture and Design Galleries.