Research Statement & midterm reqs

Please craft the statement below in reference to your project and post by this Saturday. It makes for a ridiculous sentence, so you can break it up and organize it in the way that makes most sense for your work.

I am interested to investigate ______________ (what: your domain);
because I want to find out ______________ (how / why: your questions);
in order to create / accomplish ______________ (what: goal);
for ______________ (audience).
To do so, I will use ______________ (method, tech, way of working).

For next weeks mid term pinup, please create physical, visual materials (print out to hang up is good), that describe your concept, production plan, and the research you have done (historical, political, technical, partner related) that demonstrates that this concept is possible to realize in the 8 weeks before finals. Please also print out a version of the sentence(s) above to include in your presentation, as well as posting it to the blog, so people know how to contextualize your proposal.

Note well: you will need to create a prototype of your project for review by our project partners on Nov 12, 4 weeks after midterms, so please include that in your production plan.

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