In Collaboration with NWMC, Daniel, Gabriel, Chris and Namreta

In order to create a more efficient communication method for organizations and housing interest groups working within and outside of Bushwick  we will work to improve the current NWBC website’s interface and user design.

As we suggested in our presentation much of the website lacks context and by understanding the information and the needs of the community we hope to develop a narrative and build a better experience. We each have specific interests in developing a stronger narrative, but as our feedback suggested it is important for us to narrow out focus to the audience of this community and lend our perspectives to those solutions.

We had developed the following loosely structured timeline:

Week One: Visual Language – “Landing Page of Maps,” i.e. contextualize map when you first open it; Merging visuals from the newsletter and the website

Week Two: UI – Developing User Interaction of Maps; Wireframe website

Week Three: UX – Use case scenarios

However after the feedback we received, our next steps are to meet with the NWBC group again to further discuss and develop the website’s functionality strategically on their narrative interests and their development goals.

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