Wk 01, Aug 27, Intro: who we are, why its impt to discuss housing now (short presentation), what we’ll make, structure of course, readings, deliverables
Readings for homework:

  1. CUP’s visual essay What is Affordable Housing?
  2. Huffington Post’s NYC Is More Unaffordable Than You Think (in 6 charts)

Optional reading:

Wk 02, Sep 03, Overview US housing politics 1940’s on (PDF from Caroline Woolard’s presentation): public housing, CLT, response Location based education, narrative organizing (Joshua Barndt’s conversation and presentation from Skype in class is here:

Readings for homework:

  1. Brandon Kielbasa’s How Speculative Landlord’s Work
  2. The Value of Land: How Community Land Trusts Maintain Housing Affordability (2 pages)

Optional Reading:


Wk 03, Sep 10, Meet project partners (at 61 E 4th Street 9:30 – 11:30) to discuss their work, goals, strategies, obstacles, wishes: Cooper Sq Committee (Brandon Kielbasa) + Right to the City (Lenina Nadal) & the work they are doing with recent Parsons grad on narrative organizing in Washington Heights (Braden Crooks)
Reading for homework:

  1. NY For Sale by Tom Angotti, Chapter 1, Strategies for Progressive Community Planning (34 pages)
  2. 5 Things to Do About Gentrification by Tom Angotti (1 page)

Optional Reading

Wk 04, Sep 17, Meet project partners to discuss their work, goals, strategies, obstacles, wishes: Tamara Greenfield from Fourth Arts Block, Tom Angotti from Cooper Sq Community Land Trust


  1. Critically reflect upon the groups that we have heard from. See the project ideas our partner groups have listed here, start thinking about what you would like to work on and who you’d like to work with. Add any new ideas you might have, elaborate or ask questions about any ideas that are already there that you might want to work on. Attach your name and any relevant comments / questions to at least one project you are potentially interested in.
  2. Look at 596Acres’ new project, making city plans available online with the UrbanReviewer
  3. Look at the Northwest Bushwick Community Map
  4. Sign up for an account with CartoDB using your NS email (in prep for a mapping workshop)


Wk 05, Sep 24, Data & digital mapping, stories with data sets, with Stephen Metts

Media for homework:

  1. Read Banking on Vacancy, a report compiled by Picture the Homeless
  2. The Possessive Investment in Whiteness by George Lipsitz (17 pages)
  3. Check out RTC’s Rise of the Corporate Landlord info graphic, and optionally: the report on the same.

Wk 06, Oct 01, Communication Design for social change with Andrew Shea and Shelma Jun of the Hester Street Collaborative

Media for homework:

  1. Listen to Stories in Sound by Rachel Falcone and Michael Premo of Housing is a Human Right
  2. Watch MyBrooklyn, a film by Kelly Anderson (use code: NewSchoolFA14 for a 50% discount)

Wk 07, Oct 08, Review of project research; creative design research strategies

Media for homework:

  1. Find your own inspiration from the MEDIA page of this site!

Wk 08, Oct 15, PINUP 1, MIDTERM: proposed project concept and visual mapping of research


  1. Read Brenda Parker’s Constructing Community Through Maps
  2. Assess feedback from midterms, plan the production of your first prototype, reviewed by project partners Nov 12


Wk 09, Oct 22: Narrative: participatory documentary; Liz Canner speaks about Symphony of a City  (Caroline Woolard gone to Denmark)

Wk 10, Oct 29, location based mobile narrative with Anna Pinkas

Wk 11, Nov 05, urbanist intervention, with Chat Travieso (Caroline Woolard gone to Cleveland)

Wk 12, Nov 12, PINUP 2: prototype and action plan for completion, feedback from partnering groups (Brandon Kielbasa from Cooper Sq and Michael “Ziggy” Minz from NW Bushwick Community Mapping in attendance

Wk 13, Nov 19: in class workshop TBD  (Melanie away)

Wk 14, Nov 26: Thanksgiving

Wk 15 Dec 03: internal presentations, desk crits

Wk 16 Dec 10: FINAL external presentations w/groups

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