Changing a Point of View

Precedent of Immersive experience:
To me, an immersive experience is something that keeps you involved in what you’re doing. Examples go from playing video games to reading a book. When time passes unnoticed and you become unaware of events or people around you. I am not sure, though, if it’s possible to create an experience that is immersive for everyone.

A very simple example of what an immersive experience is would be Laser Tag

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Change perception: Every perception of the world is based on personal experiences therefore none of them are ever the same. To change perception is to be able to see things with another point of view. It is EXTREMELY hard, because sadly our way of thinking is already framed. I find that a good analogy of this are “untranslatable words”.

Our brain is wired with a border of words and ideas and we are able to understand different ones (specially when we practice) but it is never the same as if it were of our own native language. We might be able to understand them but it’s never as if we were born using and embracing them.


Selecting a random group of words and have people define them in their means. Definitions of concepts and physical objects are never clear enough. For example, I could define a book as a set of pages put together. A magazine could easily fit in this description. It is interesting then to me, how every person has its own definition of a certain word. Probably none of them are wrong but also none of them are the same. I think this is a way in which we could see different perceptions of the same thing.


How languages makes us see things differently?
I am very interested in how people frame their way of thinking depending on their maternal language. This is why for this first prototype I’d love to try to see languages through another person’s eyes. I think there is a lot of beauty in this sociolinguistic differences and find them very interesting.

by: Karen Mercado

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