Paper Prototype 1 Ideas – Ben Miller

I so far have two potential ideas for the first paper prototype.

The first idea for my paper prototype would be to play with the different role/function of surface vs intrinsic properties. This can be conveyed through music by creating a dynamic composition that follows a single “idea” in the melody and harmony (the structure of the music), but might be expressed in a variety of superficially different ways (changing instruments & arrangement). 

The second idea would like to play with is how scope changes how we perceive. For instance, the event of someone walking down the street can be described on a human level, a far smaller chemical and biological level, or a huge astrological and cosmic level. This kind of conversion often happens in the show Cosmos with the cosmic calendar:

An approach I might take to convey this is taking several common scenarios and creating an interface to switch between these scopes to smoothly demonstrate the change.

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