When I was 16 or 17 I saw an installation called Corpus by Ann Hamilton at Mass MoCa. ┬áIt involved a series of devices that dropped sheets of paper from the ceiling as well as speakers that were raised and lowered by a cable each played back audio from singular sources. It impacted me greatly, although at the time I couldn’t put into words what drew me to the work other than I thought it was cool.

After thinking a lot about what “immersive” means I finally realized that I was pulled into the piece because of its immersive nature. The installation used sound, visuals, and necessitated that the viewer navigate the space to engage with the installation. It was impossible to have experience the piece from one vantage point, as a viewer I had to walk around the entire site to appreciate the installation. And while I spent time navigating the space I saw time pass as sheets of paper accumulated on the floor.

You can read more about this piece on Ann Hamilton’s website here, although I don’t think any kind of documentation does the experience justice.



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