Response to “Reconsidering the Margin”

As a transplant living in North Brooklyn, I have watched my neighborhood change drastically as more and more new comers move in. I have always been self conscious about my role in the neighborhood changing. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about responsible ways and alternatives for neighborhoods like mine to develop as they experience this population  influx, but usually my thinking leaves my empty handed. Rios’ emphasis on architecture’s role in this process was interesting. I have often thought about how the businesses inside of buildings force a different set of values upon a neighborhood, but have not given as much thought to  the architecture itself. I wonder how development in rapidly changing places like New York would shift if this kind of dialogue occurred regularly between residents, the cities, architects, and developers. I also was particularly struck by the point that sometimes politically correct tendencies can hinder this sort of dialogue, and that it is important for us to acknowledge difference in order to have an open conversation about issues of oppression – that the tendency to pretend everyone is the same can sometimes perpetuate oppressive structures.




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