The Power of Play

The Power of Play presents a deep analysis regarding how race and gender are showcased in video games. Under the premise of games representing a dynamic learning environment, Craig Watkins is making a statement of the kind of learning we get from them. In a way talking about the “unseen”, the article talks about everything we are submerged to whenever we play a game. Without portraying it as  “bad” or “good” it  gives  a broad depiction of how a virtual world is set up and how we interpret it. In my opinion, the reading presents a powerful representation of why we are biased to think a certain way regarding race and gender. Not only television but also the design of games make us think a certain way.  I really enjoyed the article and, at least  for me, it really got me thinking when it said “Designing games that are more realistic points to the need not only but to capture more honest character portrayals, human motion, and environments, but also and perhaps more importantly, to capture the cultural sensibilities of a particular racial or ethnic group’s world experience.” Which one came first, is the virtual depiction of our world biased?  How, as designers, can we change that?


By: Karen Mercado

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