Power of Play – Dana

I don’t have much experience with video games. The only games I have ever played were Mario Cart as a kid and The Sims. However, I do believe that the cultural artifacts we produce largely build our values and interpretations of the world. I completely agree with Everret and Wattkins that designers and artists have lots of leverage in shaping people’s opinions and views about the world. I think this extends to all designers of any product or platform that people spend their time using. Movies and games are powerful captivate their audiences attention for significant amounts of time and represent the world in a way that its creator envisioned. They are ultimately mediums of their creators expressions, just like all other art forms. However this extends to the creators of other tools that we spend our time using because they were designed by people who shape our experiences. For example technologies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple change the way we experience personal connections, design our mediums of expressions, and design portals for experiencing the world. I think whether we are designers of apps, games, or the creators of movies, we are people that shape experiences for other people and therefore we have lots of leverage for shaping their minds. As designers we need to pay extra attention to the implications of our work and try to conceive what we make in contexts that we may not have intended when we created them. In other words, as artists we have lots of leverage because we shape people’s minds, and therefore we need to handle our work with thought and responsibility.

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