Playtest at The Point

For the playtest at the Point, my goal was to see how differently game play would be from previous playtests, to see if the mechanics still worked, and to get feedback and ideas on the categories of the game. I was able to do 2 thorough playtests with groups of 5 players and it was very valuable for me.

What I learned was that more conversation around the ideas of privilege and advantages occurs than I first thought (which is great). People really and thoughtfully spent time thinking about their lives, experiences, disadvantages, and the same for those around them in order to play the game. While some people concentrated on the game play and winning, others were more enthralled with the aspect of defining and determining privilege as it translated from reality to the game.

I had the groups help me come with ideas or feedback on the current categories of the game and in general, they felt that I should provide more examples for the categories and get specific with them and not be as broad. Besides that, the categories seem to give people better direction and focus for determining their rules.

Moving forward, I think my biggest challenge is in getting the game to a place where people can play without me having to explain much –or at all for that matter.

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