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  • Goal: We want people to see the perspective of another based on a given situation.

Mechanic: how it works, what are people doing, what actions, strategies, behaviors emerge as the game is played: i.e. Communal Discovery (like Nick’s balloon), surround territory, resource management. Do players have choice so they can experiment and strategize, to achieve goals in different ways?


Initialize an argument, one FOR and one AGAINST


Two main characters, with two supporting characters.

The two supporting characters have to convince the opposite why they should support.



You’re pregnant, and you want to keep the child and take care of him. But your boyfriend think its too early and wants you to abort.



Girlfriend: You have to argue that you want to keep the child and why.

Boyfriend’s best bud:



Boyfriend: You have to argue why it is not a good idea to keep the child and why.

Girlfriend’s sister:



  1. If other team has no more counter arguments
  2. If supporting character is able to convince their own sister to give in to situation



Josh has been dating Mark for 5 years and is ready to marry him. Josh’s mom is against gay marriage and wants him to find a girl instead.



Josh: Argue why you deserve the right to marry whoever you want and why love is equal.

Josh’s Dad: Debate why your wife should be more for gay marriage.



Josh’s Mom: Argue why gay marriage is wrong and why it will make you unhappy.

Mark: Argue why Josh should respect his Mom and make his family a priority.



Police arrived at the scene after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. Back Bystander was playing with a bbgun. Police fired shots at a and then realized the bystander was not involved in the shooting.



Policeman (Jonathan): Argues that he saw a gun and he should not have been playing with one.

Another bystander: Saw the bystander playing with the gun and thought he was guilty too.



The bystander: Was only playing. Feels like they are doing racial profiling.

Jonathan’s colleague: Argues that Jonathan should not have so rashly intervened and shot the bystander. Felt that he did not handle the situation professionally.



Two police officers Jonathan and Jordan (who is black) are having drinks at their favorite bar with their girlfriends. Jonathan makes a passing comment saying this is a dangerous bar because there are many blacks here. Jordan gets offended by his racial profiling.



Jonathan: Argue why racial profiling is necessary when it comes to pressing down criminal rates

Jordan’s Girlfriend: Support Jonathan that your race has the highest rate of criminal activity and why



Jordan: Counter argue why it is not fair to stereotype people based on their color

Jonathan’s Girlfriend: Support Jordan why it is criminalizing to judge people


Genre: Participatory performance


Debatable Topics:


Gay Marriage


Evolution vs Creation

Surrogate Mother

Police Brutality

Racial Profiling


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