crime solving game [alex and ben]


for players to try and experience a scenario from multiple perspectives


–story telling/problem solving–

1)Players are given 10 trait cards. they choose three to be visible to the rest of the players and keep the rest to themselves.

2) A scenario is created by pulling a time, place, act, and detail card (for instance early in the morning at the diner there was a murder that was a crime of passion)

3)Players go around the table in turns. During a turn, a player can accuse another player of having a relevant trait to the scenario based on the revealed cards of all the players.

4)The accused player must produce an alibi from either their currently revealed cards or by revealing one or more cards remaining in their hands.

5) After each round, a news leak occurs, and the group flips over a card from the scenario deck, revealing further information about the case.

genre: card game


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