Flim-Flam (Johnathan Belin, Tevin Byrd, Joanna Chin, Shakti MB)


Flim Flam is a game about BS-ing and Fronting! The definition of Flim-Flam is “non-sensical or insincere talk” or “to swindle someone with a confidence game”. Flim-Flam is a storytelling card game that subtly and humorously encourages players to explore their preconceptions & privileges.

How to Play: 

Starting off, cards are dealt to all the players (2-10). A hand might contain cards with people, places, things, or events on them (Beyonce, high school gym, knife, first kiss…)

During a turn, a player tells a personal story using one or more of the cards in their hand. If they have no cards about which they can tell a true life story, then they must lie. Other players can call, Flim-Flam if they think the player is telling an untrue story.

If the player was lying, then they must take all the previously played cards. If they were telling a true personal story, then the player that called Flim-Flam must take the cards. The object is to get rid of all of your cards.

Goal: Learn how others experience aspects of culture (To understand another person’s perspective through their experiences — a new perspective)

Mechanic: Storytelling (through the use of cards for sharing information) + Lying (swindling)

Genre: Card game / Party game

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