Notes from the Point – Team FLIM FLAM

IMG_0183General Observations & Questions

– We had one super-fan; people generally had fun
– The game meandered with larger groups (> 4-5)
– Do wildcards stay wild for the next player if they’re the last card played, or do they stay as the thing that they were said to represent?
– How related must stories be? (referring to Shakti telling three stories from her childhood that were basically only connected by virtue of being about her childhood.)
– How do we make the game end?
– How much time does a player have to prepare a story? (referring to me and this one other kid who sometimes stalled for more than 30 secs.)
-Everyone definitely learned new things about other players. Personally, I felt like I got to know people better – not just through the stories they told, but the general interactions that happened.
-The game still leans more towards fun more than moments where we challenge expectations or provoke thought.
-Some behavior and strategy emerged although perhaps more structure might aid with this. Some that I observed included: including a lot of detail in your stories (whether or not they were true); checking with other players who might know someone better before calling FLIM FLAM; trying to max out the number of cards used in a turn.

Suggestions from Players/Melanie:
– Consider cards that are ending cards, maybe those are in a separate pile and each player gets one, and if you use one of those cards, or three of them total, or something, you win
– Consider allowing people to interrupt?
– Consider another mechanic, like card swapping or something, to add a bit of variety, or something to do when you’re not telling the story

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