Play Test at the Point – Ben & Alex

When we were at the point, Alex and I managed to test a couple different versions of the game over the course of 1 session. The rules we used during testing were:


  • Deck of Trait cards (40)
  • Guilty cards (6)
  • Deck of Alibi cards (20)

Starting the Game
Before beginning play, shuffle in a number of the guilty cards into the trait deck based on the number of players:

  • 3-4 players – 1 card
  • 5-6 players – 2 cards
  • 7+ players – 4 cards

Players are dealt 7 trait cards. Each player chooses 2 cards to reveal face up.


Playing the Game
To start a turn, a player may choose to draw a new trait card, or interrogate another player.
When interrogating a player, the interrogator draws 4 cards face up from the alibi deck, and then chooses which player to interrogate. The accused player must match one of the alibi cards with one of their own, using a face up card or revealing a hidden card. If no match is available, they fail the interrogation, and the interrogating player decides between either:

  • Forcing the interrogated to pick two cards to reveal.
  • Taking a hidden card from the interrogated player’s hand.

*When all alibi cards are used, reshuffle the alibi deck.

Afterwards, play continues clockwise


Ending the Game
Play continues until the guilty card is revealed, or all players reveal their hands. 


We started with the most basic ruleset we had come up with, and then adding or tweaking certain rules as play developed. The first reactions seemed to be intrigued, but that people felt it was slow, so our first variation was changing the number of accusations that could be made from 1 to 3. This sped up the pace of the game, which players seemed to enjoy. Though we didn’t manage to finish a full game during the session, we had several lessons we could take away.

First was that players enjoyed two aspects above the others, the trait theming and the second guessing of other players via the accusations. Meeting again after the point, Alex and I decided to start making revisions to the game based on this feedback, and to focus on speeding up the gameplay and highlighting the above two qualities.


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