The point feedback-Yunqi Zhou and Geyao

The game is a multiplayer game(two), One is using a mouse to push the bricks to save the man on the top of the tower. The other one is controlling the man on top of the tower, in order to keep the man away from falling to the tower. So they have the same goal. Through this process, players should share their perspectives and cooperate with each other.


Testers agree with that this game can change people’s perceptions when they were playing the game. They said that they wanted more levels and the levels should start from easier to harder. Also, they wanted more interactions. For example, the different colors of bricks have different functions. Right now, there are only two interactions which are pushing bricks and exploding the whole tower. There is no differences between white bricks and green bricks. Additionally, testers wanted playing the game in VR space. Finally testers suggested that if they can create the level, that will be cool. Because right now they level design limited the gameplay, there are only 3 levels. Even if we design 80 levels, the 80 still a limited number. So what if let the player design the level. That makes the number almost infinite.

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