[Perspectives] – Dana, Karen, and Ping

Our last visit to The point was very fruitful. After we came up with three different ways to play test our game the participation of everyone was quite interesting and we got good feedback. 
Here are  two of the three different games we tested:
+All cards facing up on the ground
+One person has to answer questions  (pointing to a card)
+Everybody has to guess why he/she picked that card
Closest answer to why she/he chose it wins.
+If you win you keep the card and get to go first next turn.
+Five cards are selected randomly by each player.
+One person (organizer) poses question
+Everybody picks a card (out of their deck) and explains why he/she chose it.
+Everybody votes for the most creative answer except their own. That person scores a point.
We found out that the questions we put together had to be very broad, interesting but also it mattered a lot that the concepts we used did not have only one right answer. For example when we asked “If you could live a different life, what would it look like?” we noticed it threw the players off because it was a very personal question and they did not know each other that well.  If we think about the right answers to make any of these iterations seemed to work: users said it was fun and we were able to observe how easy they were getting into sharing themselves with others. 

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