VR Empathy

Virtual Reality makes us feel humanity in a deeper way because it allows us to put our users in the exact same position we want them to be. It connects humans to other humans in a profound way and it can change people’s perception. We become more empathetic and more connected through this machine. There is a study about mirror neurons (http://cultureofempathy.com/references/mirror-neurons.htm) that talks about how we can feel as if we were doing what we are watching/listening about just by storytelling. If this is possible through storytelling it is not surprising that VR can intensify this emotion.
Of course there are limits and questions to be answered since this is a considerably new are to discover but I think it would be interesting to make interactions in real time with automatic translation so that we can interact with the person on the other end, take the technology and mix it with other ones to make the result even more interesting.
Also as we’d talked about shifting perception and sharing common ground in this class I think it would be interesting if we could turn this “virtual” reality into a kind of economic “game” where one can hire people and “play” against other people in poor areas of the world. The question would then be, how do we stay with the VR feeling on after we turn the machine off?

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