VR and The Point

VR is a powerful way to tell stories, it is a powerful way to convey emotions and it is a powerful tool that can be used (as any tool in hands of a human) right or wrong. Affordance is a great factor to consider when we talk about VR. Similar to what Dan Archer was telling us last class, VR does facilitates empathy but it is interesting to see that it is not accessible to everyone. The “making” and “receiving” of this tool is given to different sectors of people.

It is easy then to compare VR to TV’s or Radio’s earliest days, difference being that we are now aware of the level of empathy and immersion that these two mediums can transmit, weather as with VR we are still trying to find out.

As we move through different kinds of VR, from gaming to more “serious” ones, it is impossible not to point out that even the best-intentioned and researched VR experience is also curated on a certain way, conveying a specific point of view.

Again going to Archer’s talk about VR it is also interesting the intromission that the VR curator/artist/journalist is making inside the life of whoever he/she is wishing to portray. That said, VR is not the most transparent medium as is (as of today) impossible to pass unnoticed when working with it.


The goal we have for this project is for users to find a new perspective and share some common ground. We believe our last playtest was successful in doing so. While our users said they were having fun we could also see them interested in the dynamics and commentaries from their peers.

Going this same route will allow people to reflect what people see and how they see it.

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