thoughts on VR

I thought Dan Archer’s talk was very inspiring as I am really interested in how stories in the news are told. Expanding journalism beyond the written word is something that is emerging as our technology evolves. Every medium lends its own representation to an event, or as Marshal Mcluhan says — the medium actually IS THE MESSAGE! This little phrase took me a long time to wrap my head around, until I realized that what he is saying is that the way we communicate defines what it is we communicate. Stories are hard to tell. How do you describe a moment in time? Can a news event really be summed up by one overlying story? Aren’t stories and news events more of a combination of perspectives? I think so. Therefore, telling a story is an art form. The medium used to tell the story lends to the way the art is perceived in the end. For example, a painting of a rose in watercolor communicates something very different than one painted in acrylic.

In terms of VR, I think it just offers us another face to a story. VR is not truer to a story because it immerses our vision in a 3D world, but it does lend a new interpretation. The language of communication it uses is completely different from writing a story, but each has the capability of storytelling.

VR will not take over writing, photography, or film making. It is an interesting medium in that it immerses a persons VISUAL SENSES to the confines of a world that an artist builds. Nevertheless it is just another medium, not one that renders writing, photography, and film making obsolete.

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