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Project 1 – Data Homelessness


Goal and Summary

According to analyses of data from NSHAPCxiv: Over 80% of the homeless have experienced lifetime alcohol and/or drug problems. Can public real-time data about the homeless assist in monitoring the health and statistics of the vagabonds, and at the same time gain the empathy of the public?

Link to Project1 Documentation


Project 2 – Pick Up the Phone


Goal & Summary

Mobile phones are a convenient way to connect with our loved ones, friends and family. How can we switch the perspectives of individuals based on the conversations we hold privately with the people who matter most to us? We explored an intimate narrative through the exchanging of words we communicate everyday. The goal of this prototype is to invite users to put on a new perspective on their mobile phones. We selected 4 people who come from diverse backgrounds and documented their every day conversations through phone calls and text messages.

Project2 Documentation


Project 3 – Points of View


Goal & Summary

The intention of our game is to share different perspectives about collective values and ideas amongst a group of people playing the game. It takes the form of a card game and photography project. The goal is to promote creative thinking, reflection about important values, and discussion around these topics by prompting the promotion of different points of view.

Project3 Documentation

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