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1. Prototype 1

Concept prototype on shifting perspective

For the first prototype on shifting perspective I came up with an activity in which all participants describe a historical event, or one that they would all be familiar with, in three words. Then they share the words and see if anyone wrote descriptions that surprised them or that they didn’t agree with. The activity was meant to explore the subjective ways we perceive and describe the same event. I also was intending to make obvious how word choice reflects our personal perspective on a topic.

A question asking to describe a collective event that all the players would be familiar with is asked, for example “Describe 9/11”. Then everyone participating must write a three word description of the event on a piece of paper, which they share with the group. The players identify which words they agree with and which they would not use to describe the event and why.

2. Prototype 2

[Alex][Shakti][Dana]  high fidelity prototype on understanding another’s POV, or experiencing a story / event from multiple perspectives

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 11.21.42 AM

Our goal for this project was to come up with a game that would facilitate understanding of each other’s points of view and give the other person “the benefit of the doubt” when it comes to accusatory situations. It takes the form of a card game that relies on role-playing. This prototype went through many iterations that began as a purely roleplaying experience to a BS based version, to an Apples to Apples version.

Link to documentation project2

3. Prototype 3

Points of View [Ping][Karen][Dana]


Goal & Summary

The intention of our game is to share different perspectives about collective values and ideas amongst a group of people playing the game. It takes the form of a card game and photography project. The goal is to promote creative thinking, reflection about important values, and discussion around these topics by prompting the promotion of different points of view.

Link to project3


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