First Project

I am interested in the conflicting between the law enforcement officers and suspects, everyone has personal perspective towards one specific event, from officers view, suspects’ view, spectators, and the story might be changed by narrator’s emotion, The paper prototype will be about a conflicting event between the officer and suspects and also includes several factors which might influence the outcome of the event and the POV of others (spectators and society), users might play different roles in the event with limited clues or factors, and the results would be a documentary of users’ reaction, which would demonstrate the relationship among the limited factors, the role, and the reaction. The purpose of this project would be helpful of understanding the situation from different perspective.


Second Project

Mobile phones are a convenient way to connect with our loved ones, friends and family. How can we switch the perspectives of individuals based on the conversations we hold privately with the people who matter most to us? We explored a intimate narrative through the exchanging of words we communicate everyday.

The goal of this prototype is to invite users to put on a new perspective on their mobile phones. We selected 4 people who come from diverse backgrounds and documented their every day conversations through phone calls and text messages.

Documentation: Second Project

Open this link in your cellphone: http://portfolio.lisongyuan.com/

Project by Sam Lee, Chris Lee, and Si Ping Lim

Third Project

We are doing an immersive experience project, audiences switch to object’s perspective by touching each one of them, based on the information what they will see through objects’ perspective, audiences will figure out the truth behind a murder case.

We chose the concept of changing perspective, because we want the audiences feel how the changing perspective effects our assumptions. People always believe what they want to believe, in our project, we display 4 physical objects on the desk, each one of them will offer piece of information, audiences will reorganize those information piece and figure out what was happening, it is like this murder case, no one will get all the evidences, we are keeping approaching the truth, it is impossible for us to totally reveal the truth. The truth is always different from what they believe somehow.

The goal of the project is to find the person who killed David. There are 4 suspects that police discovered that possibly relates to the murder of David and players/users have to figure out which suspect killed him.

Our mechanic is to give clues (but not enough information) to the players to figure out what happened.

Documentation: Third Project



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