Why VR is better and the project statement-Geyao YunqiZhou

Based on my Major Studio One final project, I found that even change gravity a little bit, the player will feel huge differences. The feeling of any movement such as jumping, running, revolving in VR is amplified. Because Virtual Reality is very powerful in immersing users, the transformations in the VR world may also evoke physical reaction, for example motion sickness. When we combine VR with story telling, it will be much more easier to impress the users, thus it will help to facilitate new perspective.


In VR world, people is allowed to do bad things, sometimes they are encouraged to steal, destroy or kill. Our project have two players, one of the player is playing a prisoner that need to be rescued by the other player. The prisoner is so weak that the other player may kill him dozens of times before he or she can help the prisoner get out. This game encourage the players to be responsible for their behaviors.
Usually, games should be fun enough to attract players. Sometimes, designers want games carry some means. Based on my research, there are two ways to achieve that story telling and game methodology.  A great story can educate audience, and story telling can enhance it. Game methodology is also a power way to change people’s mind. For example, there is a very poplar game in China called the Killing game. It requires the player to suspect other players and to analyse other player’s words. The more players play this game the more logical they will be. What’s more, player will understand others’ really meaning behind their words better. However, all these are based on how attractive the game is. Based on our user test, players love the game. Then we start to add the methodology that can help to facilitate new perspective. Our user tests also shows that the game is  still fun enough, and we believe that the more they play, the more impacts they got themselves.

VR’s shortcomings_Geyao

Virtual human interaction lab’s project makes me think about my own thesis project. VR is a powerful way to tell stories, I believe VR will change the world. However if we compare VR or AR with film, we’ll find the similarity in changing the way to look at the world. When The Lumière brothers was showing the arriving train to their audience in 1896, people have the similar feeling with with the testers in the Virtual human interaction lab wearing VR headset exploring the virtual sea world as a fish. Immersive is a right word to describe it. Maybe we can learning things form movies for example how they tell stories, how they design scenes. The three shortcomings that the VHIL studios suffered can be solved with more funds and works, how to design the VR scenes and stories is more important to me.

Cooperative Janga Game

Geyao Zhang & Yunqi Zhou

We are making a Janga like game. In this game, two players have different angle of views. For example, one player is look from the front of view, the other is looking from the left side. They need to save a person standing on the top of the Janga tower by removing bricks.

They only have limited communications. (They can’t see other’s screen in each turn) So they need to figure out which brick is removed by the other player.

Reading Response to The Margin-GEYAO

When I was a child, I told myself to remember what I need, so I will get them when I grow up. I did that because I knew adults could not read my mind. It took me a while to accept that adults and children were the same race. Because we were thinking in two different ways. I felt so luck that one of my teacher could understand what I wanted. I think this telling the same story with the Margin. For our class, we want to create something that help people to switch different perspectives. I’m thinking that which is really matter, a system or the people that involved? People created social classes by themselves, because of they are doing different things and having different goals. A higher class may not want to understand the lower class, because they want to keep their positions. However the way he taught his class was a way to make the connection between different classes. It will benefit different classes, and provide designers a chance to know the people better.

Geyao’s homework

Immersive experience:

In this video, although this a 2D animation, I can feel the universe and life in a immersive way. The rhythm and movement are very important in this case.
Change perception:

This is a video that a lot people talked before. We all want to us VR to explore something impossible. However, gender exchanging has been a very popular topic recently. I think the powerful part of this experience is it allow you to release some questions you always want to ask.


Idea 1:

This is a virtual identity exchanging game. In this game, players need to exchange their social networks IDs and passwords with their friends. The most important part of this game is that every player should play each other by publishing something using other’s linguistic style.



Idea 2:

This is a device that allow users to experience different views of heights by adjusting the “periscopes.”