Mathieu Briand
16 helmets, plug into jacks to see diff perspectives of other ppl, or cctv cams in self similar rooms
Playing with the viewers point of view and questioning the reality of his/her perceptions.
Did You Ever Want to Be Someone Else? Choreographer Prue Lang w/ Mathiew Briand “put yourself into the system, change your identity and therefore your social behavior, social interaction and therefore your physical presence”

Carsten Holler
Upside Down Goggles. The goggles are based on an experiment carried out by George Stratton in the 1890s. While studying the perception in vision, the psychologist wore special glasses which inverted images up and down and left and right. He found that after 4 days wearing them continuously, his brain started to compensate, and he could see the world the right way up again
The opposite game: Everyone says the exact opposite of what they mean. See if it’s still possible to communicate at all. Or do we come closer to the truth that way?
Kit for the Exploration of the Self, 1995

Theodor Erismann
University of Innsbruck psychologist Theodor Erismann, who asked research subjects to wear mirrored goggles that made the world appear upside down. Over a period of weeks, his reports noted, wearers slowly began to compensate, eventually seeing their reversed vision as nearly normal — his assistant went from turning cups upside down to catch water to competently riding a bicycle.

Multiple POVs of a single event / scene
Nonny de la Pena, Guardian article on reenacting the death of Trayvon Martin; Immersive Journalism site, and Emblematic Group.

Exchange POV
Liz Canner’s Bridges, Symphony for a City

Take on Another’s POV
Mark Farid’s Seeing I, says goal to “let individual identity evaporate” by Oculus of another for one month, come out w/ some one else’s recent memories? shared POV?
Daniel Gonzalez Franco’s Omnipresenz, description and project site

Body Swapping
Machine to be Another
Virtual Body Swapping Reduces Bias against other Races?

Being Present In Another’s Space
Karim Ben Khelifa’s The Enemy
Filmmaker Chris Milk of VRSE: Inside the Empathy Machine: VR, Neuroscience, Race and Journalism
Danfung Dennis and Patrick Chauvel’s Condition One
De La Peña’s Project Syria

Articles to check out
Voices from a Virtual Past (recent history of VR)
Crazy head set projects
Augmented Reality, The Ultimate Display, by Ivan Sutherland, 1965
Rhizome’s 2013 Picks of the Rift

James George
Mike Allison
Sarah Rothberg
Alexander Porter
Daniel Gonzalez Franco