Music for Shiloh Performance May 14th

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Music for Shiloh
Melanie Crean, with John Welsh and Gillian Walsh
Saturday May 14th, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
The New School, Wollman Hall, 65 W11 St. 5th floor

Music for Shiloh, directed by Melanie Crean, is a performance generated from a sound score written by John Welsh and a movement score written by Gillian Walsh. The project reflects on the performative nature of a child transitioning from the powerlessness of infancy to enacting persuasive language, decisive movement, and thus independent subjectivity over a two year period. A series of one-minute of video clips, recorded every month for 24 months until the child was able to express desire, was rotoscoped into a series of images, each more abstract, leading to the creation of sound & music scores. During the event, Shiloh Parnass, the child who the scores were based on, will be in attendance as a viewer to witness the full cycle of the work being reinterpreted.

This project is being presented as part of Parsons Festival 2011.