The Gift and Prisoner’s Dilemma Posted on November 27, 2012 by Firm Tothong

I really like the morals of the Lewis Hyde’s “Gift” I also liked how he coined up the states of tale as somewhat being in between a dream state and the not so real.

Q1: What is Hyde’s idea of a gift? Does it exist in our society, perhaps under a different name? How might it be more a part of our society?

AN: It’s seems as though form of natural resources of anything value is placed on, that allows us appreciate the quality of life could be a gift. at first I questioned why we would come together to show that level of respected or in celebratory union only to past this gift on to someone ells. but in a way I think it’s only serves as a representation of life, life is always the gift that keeps on giving. that’s why it was so natural for the mother and the mother spirits in the form a birds felt so right. the act of giving also is a form of saying we are not alone, so when we give there’s that feeling of warmth and compassion that which makes us human.

For me I think this gift diffidently exist in our society today, I think for me it’s between love and compassion. And it could more apart of our lives and our society if we begin to practice more towards one another, teach it to our every living person.

Q2: Describe a commons that you interact with regularly. What are the official or unofficial rules that regulate that commons? Who enforces those rules? Does it work and is it sustainable?

I don’t correctly interact any particular commons on a regular basest, but I grew-up on farm lands that was in the state of what appeared to be a small common between family and friends who shared the spaces they owned, they planted a raised life stock that could support everyone in different seasons different platforms would be take turn to fill the slot. I don’t think any one person or persons was in-charge people just work towards one gold and there can’t be any selfishness, where the self strive others fail, if one group wants and needs become more than everyone elise, it creates division and set-backs which leads to a breakdown and one for them selves, there as to be lots of compromising, be able to meet each other part way. this sounds easy but is very hard to achieve.

Q3: Think back to the Prisoner’s Dilemma game that we played in class. What are ways in which we can keep people from acting solely out of self interests?

AN: For the common good, I feel every person has at less one or two needs and desires, that needs to be fulfilled, and when we can make that exchange between us, a chain reaction starts that makes us feel more alive ad apart of something, whether it’s a social group or common I feel this follow of energies, lets call it freedom of spontaneous combustion. I feel when we are able to make the exchange in others this reaction could be an endless turn over in emotional residual investments. each person has their own needs and wants so working together investing in each others well being. I think the future might star to become more promising. the gift of the dead of night will prove to be a richer more successful new day.