Yochai Benkler’s: Wealth of Networks

In the natural world our actions mean nothing.  Artificial world our actions mean everything and the artificial world depends on our actions. Whatever wealth the network has, it’s what we have given it.  Over the last decade or so the digital communications that we have developed have greatly expanded to becoming something of grave importance to our everyday lives.  While reading this introduction a birthday card that my mom got for my day last month stuck in my head.  Headline of the card reads “Before Google.”  Underneath it are a dog and rabbit sitting on the couch.  The dog says; “I just learned something new to day, and I wish I could learn more about it.”   The rabbits reply to this with; “That’s a damn shame.”

While first reading this I laughed my head off but after thinking about it for a bit, I find it troubling.  While it’s great that today’s technologies are so great and advanced for our times I can’t help and think about the experiences themselves that we miss out on now that we are all use to having computers easily accessible and at our finger tips.  And what happens when the computer breaks down… do we just stand there feeling lost and out of touch with society?  While the network is a wonderful thing and should be used as a tool to better society and interactions I think that we should always remember that it isn’t something that we build our lives around.