Project Partners
Project 1, Commoning the City: ABC No Rio
Project 2, Ecotopia: Brooklyn Grange
Project 3, Alternate systems of exchange: Solidarity NYC

Projects on Utopia, Intro
Steve Duncombe’s Utopia is No Place
Open Utopia
Utopia is No Place: The Subversive Mechanics of Utopia
Utopia Now: Radical Imagination in the Wake of Historic Failure (Steve’s lecture starts around 18 minutes in)
Utopia is No Place: the Art and Politics of Impossible Futures
Steve Lambert talk on Utopia and the Future at transmediale

Projects: Urban Spatial Politics, Commoning the City
596 Acres
Center for Urban Pedagogy
Storefront for Art and Architecture’s Strategies for Public Occupation
Forays’ Shape Lock
Hans Haacke’s Real Estate pieces
Evictions: Art and the Politics of Urban Renewal blog
Blank City Documentary

Projects: Ecotopia, future cities, radical urban farming
The SF Diggers Archives online
Swoon’s Swimming Cities
Atchafalaya Houseboat
Mel Chin’s Revival Field
Biosphere 2
Eden Project
Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti Project in AZ
Agnes Myer-Brandis
Mary Mattingly’s Flock House project
Leah Gaulthier’s Sharecropper Project
Future Farmer’s Victory Gardens

Projects: Alternate systems of exchange
Utopia Ohio
e-flux Time Bank
Paul Glover’s Ithaca Hours

Projects: Future Casting
Yes Men’s NY Times Special Edition

Communities Directory, guide to intentional communities
Central for Communal Studies in at the University of Southern Indiana
Shared Living Resource Center in Berkley CA
Half Letter Press
Whole Earth Catalog
Society for Utopian Studies

Events, potential field trips
Society for Utopian Studies annual conference, Oct 4-7, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario Canada
Buckminster Fuller Institute (Study Center in Brooklyn)

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