Chiros, Carmen
Chiros, Olivia
Chiros, Dana
Chiros, Edwina

Chiros, 2009

The Chiros installation, experimental video and public projection are based on interviews with HIV+ women speaking about how their perception of time has changed since becoming positive. There can be an urgency related to chronological time: days are governed by medication schedules and the pursuit of goals in a race against their body. This is often punctuated by welcomed interruptions from Chiros, a perceived suspension of time during happy occasions, as when one loses oneself in moments with friends and family.

Interviews were recorded between 2000 – 2008 with women participating in Iris House, Life Force, Exponents and CAMBA non-profit programs.

The final project takes two forms:

An experimental documentary compliments the women’s voices with 3D animations that reference the interior of the body, pointing not only to difference in individual personality, but the different perceptions of time they are grappling with. The video was exhibited at Longwood Art Gallery in December 2008. A preview of the animation can be seen here.

A dual channel installation juxtaposes the women’s interviews with impressionistic animations, inspired by Metod Saniga’s elliptical model of time, that represent the different forms of time the woman refer to. The dual channel version is 30 minutes long, with a different woman speaking every two minutes, forming an alternative clock, as informed by the women’s subjective construction of time. A preview of the installation is available here.