Music for Shiloh is an archive, notation and performance project that reflects on the performative nature of a child transitioning from infancy to the ability to articulate persuasive language, decisive movement, and thus the beginnings of independent subjectivity over a two year period. A series of one-minute video clips, recorded every month for 24 months until the child was able to describe what he loved, was rotoscoped into a series of images, each more abstract, leading to the creation of sound & music scores. 

The final performance, generated from a sound score written by John Welsh and a movement score written by Gillian Walsh, took place on Saturday May 14th, 2011 at The New School as part of the Parsons Festival 2011. During the event, Shiloh Parnass, Crean’s child who the scores were based on, was in attendance as a viewer to witness the full cycle of the work being reinterpreted.

The work was produced concurrently with The Shape of Change project, which tracked the evolving interpretation of the terms change, democracy, freedom and utopia, as discussed with people across the United States and Iraq, during 2008 – 2010. The project began with the election of US President Barack Obama and the announcement of American troop withdrawal from Iraq, and ended with the election of the first Iraqi parliament.