No Such Place, Pegasus Embrace
No Such Place, Girl Graf, Hand Ball Court
No Such Place, Jesus
No Such Place, Equine Therapy, Appendages
No Such Place, Rusty w Chief Theale
No Such Place As America: America Was Created through Violence
No Such Place As America; On Dominance and Power
No Such Place As America; TJ
No Such Place, Maneco

No Such Place as America, ongoing

No Such Place as America creates dialog between local law enforcement and young people from economically distressed neighborhoods by using non-verbal, performative storytelling and equine-assisted communication methodologies. I would like to address the critical lack of communication between local law enforcement, school resource officers and young people in areas with increasing police presence. Current models propose brief, disassociated seminars for law enforcement concerning “Effective Police Interactions with Youth,” or holding occasional joint athletic activities.

To create a platform for dialog that begins with trust, I am partnering with Ebony Horsewomen Institute (EHI) a non-profit equestrian center in North Hartford CT, to develop an entirely different model of dialog and conflict mediation. This hybrid methodology will combine equine therapy, involving performance based tasks with specially trained horses; with non-verbal, gestural storytelling methods, particularly effective when spoken language is insufficient to express difficult experiences. The project involves workshops, documentary and performance video production, and the development of a shared animal-assisted curriculum to foster dialog, co-created with core EHI participants and members of local law enforcement.