Speaking, Holding Hands

Speaking From Experience, 2011

Building Better Speech workshops investigate how issues of identity and power can be communicated through physical gesture, non-verbal communication and collective action. The workshops make use of performance, games, and open education models to facilitate dialogue around issues defined by groups affected by political transformation and upheaval.

An initial project pilot called Speaking from Experience was designed with Claire Picher and a group of female high school students from Turning Point for Women and Families, a Queens-based organization that supports Muslim American families dealing with issues of domestic violence. Over the course of a 10 week workshop, the young women explored self-identified issues of faith-based stereotypes related to the wearing of hijab through automatic writing assignments, screen printing, and performance games.

Crean, Picher and the young women designed and conducted a public workshop called Speaking from Experience at the Performa 11 Biennial, inviting allies from other women’s organization and the general public to explore their issues of stereotyping and identity together in a shared session of collective performance games.

Saturday, November 12, 2011; Performa Institute Classroom, Performa Hub: more information here.